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Scarlet peonies (never seen this color peony in person, but WOW how beautiful!

i always like the oriental style.

Jordan Duvall - ‘The Orchid Thief’ by Jordan Duvall drew inspiration from the orient. Drawing elements from the Asian culture.

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I am not a fan of these cheeks, but everything else I am. The natural but defined brow, hard edge on eye contour and orange lips.

Association : la finesse de l'Allium roseum combinée à l’opulente de la pivoine herbacée. Cet ail vivace du sud de l’Europe se propage très vite en sols secs. Dans cette bonne terre de jardin où la concurrence est grande, il garde gentiment sa place.

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Hassan Massoudy

L'être humain- Human being- انــســــان calligraphy, by Hassan Massoudy