Mini Homemade Corn Dogs

Mini Homemade Corn Dogs

LOVE these art party cookies for decorating with kids!

a kid's art party favors: canvas cookies with edible writers

Canvas cookies with food pens, favors for a kid's art party. (not just a kid's party).

Teal flames Harley Davidson cake Harley.jpg (300×400)

Nadines - Wedding Cakes: *Round cakes are the most traditional, in white and off white colors. But we are able to work with chocolate and can change basic color designs

Les gens courent tellement partout que j'ai l'impression que manquer de temps est rendu à la mode. Les repas finissent souvent loin dans la liste des priorités et je trouve ça triste parce qu'on devrait tellement prendre le temps de se nourrir convenablement.

Omelette dans une tasse

These days, people are so busy that I've almost got the impression that being in a rush has become trendy. Preparing meals is often last priority, and I think that's sad, because we should definitely take the time to eat properly.

Filet de saumon...sauce à la cassonade et à l'ananas

Filet de saumon...sauce à la cassonade et à l'ananas

Petites crevettes enrobées de chapelure Panko cuites au four

Enjoy fresh seafood at your favorite local restaurant in Panama City Beach, Florida. Relax in a casual atmosphere while watching one of 12 big screen TVs!

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