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an architectural drawing of the interior of a round building with columns and arches, in black and white
Axonometria seccionada | Dibuix II
Axonometria seccionada | Auguste Choisy, “Panthéon”, Histoire de l’architecture, 1899, f. 15
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G I F - Geometrie Fluide - Preziosaghirlanda
an old paper with many different designs on it
géométrie sacre
a computer screen showing an image of a city with lots of different colored lines on it
the instructions for how to make legos out of lego blocks are shown in spanish
Apprendre – Page 6 – Pierre Carrée
Apprendre – Page 6 – Pierre Carrée
a square with numbers on it is shown
Orphistes et Pythagoriciens
Orphistes et Pythagoriciens
an image of the inside of a building with arches and benches in it, as well as text
Cet artiste sculpte des églises grandeur nature avec des fils de fer
Cet artiste sculpte des églises grandeur nature avec des fils de fer
an architectural drawing of two arches
L’architecture en perspective axonométrique plafonnante par Auguste Choisy
an image of some kind of glass thing that looks like hexagonal shapes and colors
Comment les mousses de savon bloquent-elles le son ?
an abstract painting with blue, yellow and black squares on the bottom half of it
a man is climbing up the side of a large rock in an open area with dirt and grass