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the cover of autocad magazine, featuring an image of lines in different colors
Home | Autodesk Research
/!\ Super flippant : diagramme en arc des 200 commandes les plus utilisées sur Autocad
an image of a circle with lines in it
Martin Krzywinski - Error - Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
genome infographic from Seed magazine
the world's most famous cities are depicted in this chart
Raining A Deficit – Is California Headed Into A Drought?
Charting the last fifty years of rainfall in downtown San Francisco to answer the question: Is California headed into a drought?
an image of a pink flower on a white background with lots of small sprinkles
Il social network scientifico del futuro
scientific collaboration
the cover of fig magazine with an image of a circular structure in black and white
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"Research - Royal College of Art," by Karin von Ompteda
an image of a map with many different things on the top and bottom half of it
I Revolution!
Nice painting! [atelier avec vue] validating crisis informatics on social networks ⬆ Selected by Atelier Avec Vue