12 Pins
the words fermoir written in french are above two different types of fruits and vegetables
the parts of an insect are shown in this diagram
Bud Scales
an image of bugs and other insect life cycles on a sheet of paper with french instructions
Ancienne affiche d'école, affiche scolaire vintage, ROSSIGNOL, le hanneton, l'araignée et l'écrevisse - bon état - vintage - 1756
the instructions for different types of branches are shown in this page, which shows how to use them
an image of various plants and flowers on a white background, including a tree with green leaves
marronnier d'Inde - LAROUSSE
an illustration of different types of leaves and flowers
Noisetier – Média LAROUSSE
an illustration of a tree with green leaves
1967 Linden Tree Print Vintage Botanical Illustration Forestal Home Decor
the different types of trees and their leaves are shown in this chart, which shows how they