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several plates with different designs on them
Yvonne Ellen gives forgotten vintage housewares a new lease on life by applying animal illustrations across matching dinner and side plates.
a yellow frame sitting on top of a dirt field
Logo National Geographic, Terschelling 2009
Logo National Geographic, Terschelling 2009 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
four different images of people with their faces covered in masks and holding up some books
Become Someone Else
an escalator with a poster on the wall above it that says mundo selvagem
NatGeo - Mundo Selvagem
NatGeo - Mundo Selvagem by Miagui Imagevertising, via Behance
three different billboards with people sitting on the benches and one man walking down the street
IBM Smarter Cities campaign. Ogilvy Mather, France. Kaan said "This one is an IBM smart cities campaign product/ad. It is great because it is intelligently complementing the ad with the functionality of the design, so perfectly that the audience really gets the idea of the “Smarter Cities” out of this design."