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I think this would make an amazing spine tattoo! with everything aligned and just the symbols. Or as individual tattoos! Maybe Neptune since that planet correlates with my astrological sign.

représentation des quatre éléments dans un symbole représentant le soleil

4 elements= yellow=air, red=fire, blue= water, green=earth (opponent process) these are also mAss Kickers Foundation colors!

earth air fire water signs - Google Search

Water Earth Air Fire // Avatar Symbols // Prints // Four Watercolor Paintings Korra Avatar the Last Airbender

les 4 éléments                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

This is the symbol of the unity of all the Elements. They say David had this star on his shield when he went to fight Goilth but there is no bibliological proof of it. The star was an alchemist star way before the star of David.