Dents et humour

toy story action figures posed as buzz lightyear and woody
a painting of two men in bed one is brushing the other's teeth with scissors
a man in a chair is being pushed by another man with his foot on the desk
Funny Dentist Upland Candles​ #upland #dentists Dental Office H33 - selfie​ Dentistry
two women standing next to each other in front of a computer screen with the caption, it's just an x - ray picture you don't need to do the duckface pass
two red dinosaurs are talking to each other
August 2013 – Turn the lights off…
an image of a man having his teeth brushed by another person with toothbrushes
Quality Dental Products and Equipments- Professinoal Dental Products Online Shop
a cup filled with lots of different colored pens and pencils next to a speech bubble
16 illustrations qui se moquent de la vie quotidienne et qui rendent hommage aux petits plaisirs de tous les jours...
a comic strip with an image of a man getting his teeth brushed by a dentist
The Tooth Fairy: Photo
a cartoon depicting a dentist talking to a patient who is lying down on the bed
X. It’s what’s happening
First time at the dentist? #humour