A stunning classic full body Japanese tattoo. Japanese tattoo art has several names – irezumi or horimono in the Japanese language. Irezumi is the word for the traditional visible tattoo that covers large parts of the body like the back.

art nouveau tattoo

So many beautiful Art Nouveau style tattoos. I think if I were to get a tat it would be done in this style

Some more Art Nouveau body art.

Love how the dress is her skintone, flows seamlessly to the wrist Art Nouveau Tattoo Absinthe Robette Privat Livemont Nouveau Tattoos Anil Gupta Inkline Studio NYC New York City

by Cedric Arnold

Thailand’s Sacred Tattoo Tradition

Magical tattoos in Thailand - Working in Bangkok for the last ten years photographer Cedric Arnold explored the ancient Thai tattoo practice of Yantra.

Sandi Fellman Photography | Japanese Tattoos | www.SandiFellman.com

Sandi Fellman Photography | Japanese Tattoos | www.SandiFellman.com

Kishin Shinoyama

Kroutchev Planet Photo: Kishin Shinoyama (篠山 紀信, b. is a Japanese photographer, best known for his celebrity portraits and nudes

Yakuza Tokyo by Irina Ionesco

Photo Yakuza Tokyo I - Irina Ionesco - YellowKorner

Imogen Cunningham: Bobbie Libarry, San Francisco, 1976.

Irene “Bobby” Libarry, 1976 (Imogen Cunningham) - what those cool tattoos will look like in 50 years

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