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DIY Architectural Letters ~ Designing and constructing a letter. Instead of wet, messy adhesive, you'll be using paper packing tape to create a papier mache effect. Inexpensive and easy to use, it creates finished letters that are hard and durable.

Raper des craies grasses, pulvériser de l'eau dessus, Recouvrir d'un autre papier et repasser

Watercolor Crayon Shavings: Use a pencil sharpener to shave watercolour crayons onto paper. Spray with water, sandwich between paper & iron

Encre. Après séchage, gouttes de citron et sécher avec du papier absorbant.

Lemon juice on watercolor paintings = fun shapes to draw around. Art Projects for Kids. Let dry. Drip lemon juice and lift off with tissue after awhile.

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texture art, wrap things around your rolling pin: rubber bands and bubble wrap shown here


Sunflowers Hand Sculptures Materials: - Paper Plates (one for each child) - Black Tempera Paint - Paintbrushes - Brown Tissue Paper - Yellow Construction Paper - Scissors - Glue this would be so cute on the fence this summer.

Puffy Peint - Recette Peinture gonflante au micro onde

Puffy Paint - Recette Peinture gonflante au micro onde - a fun way to encourage writing and reading!

DIY Color wheel foam puzzle

diy color wheel foam puzzle - think ligurgical color puzzle made out of foam?

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