Lady Santa

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an old fashioned christmas card with a woman holding a candy cane
1945 Happy Birthday Comic
an old fashion magazine cover shows a man kissing a woman's face with the caption, quickest way to a mans heart
White Owl
a christmas card with a santa clause holding up a wine glass and a sign that says cheers
an advertisement for federal's christmas stockings featuring a woman in a gold dress and a man in a tuxedo
Be His Christmas Star - 1963 Frederick's of Hollywood Catalog
an old fashioned christmas card shows santa baking cookies
Decoupage, Kawaii, Sweet, Ideas
and everything else too
an old fashioned christmas card with children decorating the tree
Decorating the Tree
a magazine cover with a woman holding many boxes and writing on the front, as if it were from 1950's or 1960s's
an old fashioned christmas card with santa claus peeking out from behind a red door and the words merry christmas written on it
fete noel vintage gifs images