a light that is hanging from the ceiling in a room with white walls and furniture
Suspension, Heat Large, laiton, Ø80cm, H60cm - Northern
a wooden object with a light bulb in the middle and an image of a lamp inside it
Lampe design en chêne par JéTo Woods Work
a room that has some kind of light on the wall above it and an open door in the corner
Design Shimmer
Déprogrammer l'idée de la lampe traditionnelle...
a light that is on top of a white object in the middle of a floor
Extra Catalogue | lamps | Concrete
| Concrete |
a bed that has some blankets on it and a lamp in the corner next to it
Few Creative Projects by “Funkt Architects”, Sofia // Няколко интересни проекти на студио “”Функт”, София
Lampadaire en bois bricolage
the living room is clean and ready for us to use
Un canapé aux angles arrondis et une table basse ronde pour un salon salle à manger qui n'a rien de carré.
a wooden doll holding a roll of toilet paper in the air with it's arms and legs
Haus & Wohnen -
Witziger und einzigartiger Toilettenpapierhalter... Einfach mit zwei Schrauben an die Wand haengen und fertig...! Toilettenpapier ist einfach zu wechseln.
a black and white poster with the words toilers decoo written on it
101 idées déco gratuites (la liste)
a black and white resume with yellow highlights on it's side, in french
Décoration, Idées & Tutos pour la Maison
❤ LA liste des sites et des blogs déco à connaître ! ❤ VOIR +
a bunch of books that are stacked on top of each other
15 Akıllıca Tasarlanmış Kendin Yap Kitaplıklar
15 Akıllıca Tasarlanmış Kendin Yap Kitaplıklar
three pictures showing how to make a light fixture with yarn and flowers on the bottom
Best deals and Free Shipping
a bed with pillows and lights on the headboard is decorated in wood planks
Découvrez des idées déco pour une tête de lit originale (50 idées)
Découvrez 50 idées déco pour une tête de lit originale.
a potted plant sitting on top of a white counter next to a toilet in a bathroom
La déco en tuyaux de plomberie
Crédit photo: Apartment Therapy - Idée lampe réglable en hauteur: plafonnier jour, lecture nuit.