cadeaux faits-maison

Cadeaux de Noël faits maison: offrez des cadeaux faits-maison

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this looks like a great mothers day/grandparent gift/ teacher gift idea. Lots of options with flowerpots, buckets, etc to put it in and with the types of flowers or stems to use and filling in the pail.

Gorjuss Cloth Doll - Toadstools One of my favorite print is now a real doll !

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- The Gorjuss girls My new costumer's order - Fimo / doll inspired by dolls For Handmade lovers el Ⓓ

de nouvelle poupée paola reina / gorjuss

Tienda De Muñecas - Santoro The White Rabbit (disponible A Primeros De Marzo) De Paola Reina - Diversal

Paola Reina - 04901 - Ruby - Gorjuss - 32 cm Paola Reina

Gorjuss of Santoro doll - Ruby Santoro have teamed up with Paola Reina to bring to life the wonderfully applauded artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.