Body scrubs,  for gifts!

How to Make Sugar Cube Scrubs-Slough Off Old Skin Cells, Anti age, Clean Out Pores, Allowing Skin to Absorb Moisture Easier--All While Giving it a Radiant Glow With These Freshly Scented Skin Exfoliating Cubes!

recette bombe pour le bain

Bombes pour le bain. Une recette simple pour un bain relaxant!


wash an old mascara or nail polish container and fill with: of the container with castor oil, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel. apply before bed - castor oil thickens your lashes, aloe vera gel lengthens, vitamin E accelerates length

DIY savon à l'aloe vera

Comment faire un savon à l'aloe vera à l'effet hydratant

Lilac sugar

Lilac Sugar {dry lilac petals - preferably purple as they are very fragrant. Layer flowers and sugar in a jar. Let stand dark and cool for a few days, shake every now and then}

Seulement 2 ingrédients pour la recette du shampooing au miel

La Recette du Shampooing au Miel Que Vos Cheveux Vont ADORER.

DIY dentifrice solide, bio, naturel, vegan

DIY : le dentifrice solide vegan