Whether making a batch for your family, friends or coworkers, cupcakes are always a popular dessert! Try these recipes...they're sure to make your sweet tooth go 'yum'!

12 Best Cupcake Recipes

Purple & white rosette cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

Souvenir pour souligner un 30e anniversaire de mariage. #wedding #30years #30

Souvenir pour souligner un anniversaire de mariage.

Decorating ideas

August cupcake, lavender frosting and decor on vanilla cakes

#swag #miam #violet #jesuispassûrquesesoitbonmaisc'eststylé

Violet Cupcakes

For Eta Sigma Bid Night?


Angel food cupcakes with blackberry buttercream. The pairing of angel food cake and fresh blackberries make for one of the best desserts. The blackberry buttercream frosting is the amazing!

Purple Cupcakes that Robia picked out.

Purple wedding cupcakes~/w fancier decor :)

Mega glittery cupcakes mauve and silver

"Pearl" and purple cupcakes. My fav type of dessert mixed with my fav color and pretty pearls and sparkle! Wish I did this for my wedding, would've been perfect !

Pretty colors! I want to find these sprinkles

Wedding colours: Aqua and Purple: Absolutely beautiful! I was originally thinking about blue or purple until I saw this. I do believe these are my colors!

ambrosia: Buttermilk, Berries, and Mascarpone Cream Cake

a touch of lila