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Nod to paper books, art, things made of phone books. "We'll stop making phone books.recycle the paper by making awesome other stuff with it.rebirth of the brand into digital"

Book Art

amygaertner: “ The Book Origami of Isaac Salazar ” Beautiful art sculpture about something I totally love to do - read! Love the fact this book wasn’t “cut” to sculpt but was.

“One of the most arresting visuals for me is an old wall layered with papers, graffiti and text — our modern hieroglyphics” Jill Ricci

Mixed media art by Jill Ricci - inspires me to get out a canvas and play around with some ideas,,

British artist, Nick Gentry, makes portraits used on floppy discs. First, he makes a canvas, and then he goes to work with oil paint.

The Art of Nick Gentry Stunning floppy disk artworks by Nick Gentry. Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Floppy Disks Art by Nick Gentry Art with Floppy Disks

Helen Musselwhite Paper Art  [pinner's note: Helen Musselwhite is a fantastic paper artist! How have I not seen her work before?!]

An intricate and beautiful piece by Helen Musselwhite. Each of Helen’s paper sculpture and collage is hand-cut from various paper stock and then built together in layers, creating a beautiful artwork.

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There are a number of organs that you can survive without. These include appendix, reproductive organs, liver, stomach. However, without these organs one will.

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