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Ready, steady, go – Frauke Thielking “Forced order, cemented thinking, mechanical behaviour leads to stiffness and lifelessness.

Крайний случай - момент после красивого падения

The satirical photo series called “In Extremis (Bodies With No Regret)” by photographer Sandro Giordano depicts unfortunate people the moment after they fell, surrounded by their material possessions.

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Taser Photoshoot: People Willingly Being Hit With A Stun Gun By Their Loved Ones

Грузовые велосипеды Шанхая

16 Epic Manufactured Totems Photography By Alain Delorme

Разноцветные овцы от Gray Malin

Los Angeles-based photographer Gray Malin has a series of fantastical photographs of multicolored sheep grazing the land.

Крайний случай - момент после красивого падения

"I Panni Sporchi (The Dirty Clothes)" Face-planting and Falling Down photographed by Sandro Giordano

Кровавая забава: растягивание гуся в наши дни #GoosePulling #nocomment #Goose #blood

Goose Pulling An Odd And Barbaric Pastime Lazer Horse