Lisboa Ticket - É uma vista Portuguesa, com certeza! by Natasha Hellegouarch - met a really nice woman from Portugal who speaks several languages - some people are so interesting

Flyer design #poster #design

James & and the Giant Peach poster by killingclipart- This flyer is brilliant! It is so cartoon like and the colors just mix well together! It provides you with a enough information, and the design is pleasing to the eye.

great movie poster

This is a poster for the musical singing in the rain. The main poster colour scheme is a range of blues. when we think of blue we think of cold as it is a cold colour and i think this works well for the singing in the rain poster.

San Francisco poster via @Ez Pudewa

markmejia: “ guillee: “ I love this San Francisco poster by Kevin Dart. ” Love this kind of art. ” I love this city. &The City loves me!

Benny Hennessy - New York type

Escape from New York by Benny Hennessy, probably the only movie where kurtwood smith looks like Snake from Full metal gear solid

. 1929.

Travel brochure "Sightseeing in & Around Paris," Published by American Express.

Snow White Disney Movie Silk Fabric Poster

OPTICAL ILLUSION MOVIE POSTERS England-based graphic designer Rowan Stocks Moore has created a series of clever Disney posters. Many of the designs use optical illusions so that multiple images are shown and some are hidden.

The Day the Earth Stood Still by Ozan Akdogan

The Day the Earth Stood Still by Ozan Akdogan