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The secret of the Easter Island

Funny pictures about The secret of the Easter Island. Oh, and cool pics about The secret of the Easter Island. Also, The secret of the Easter Island photos.

Swirly Unicorn Decal - Trading Phrases.

Swirly Unicorn Wall Decal

*VECTOR* Nice to use for a heat transfer on a girly t-shirt Unicorn -SVG is trademarked, but one could use as inspiration - unicorn silhouette and some swirls, curlicues and stars

Être différent n'est pas une maladie. Par contre, la conformité est contagieuse.

Ironic, it being in French and all. France is the textbook example of the debate between the superimposition of l'égalité over la liberté, and the whole idea of "forcing" someone to be "free". Maybe that's Rava Bakou's point?

General Warning - Some of this stuff may offend. we clearly share the same sense of humor. The Flashwear Team

Alzheimer et l'alcool

Red wine helps fight against Alzheimer. "Shit, I drink so I can forget"

Journal de mes Vagues à Larmes

En essayant continuellement on finit par réussir. Donc: plus ça rate plus on a de chances que ça marche. Therefor, the more you fail, the more you have chances to succeed