Lampe avec papillons violet "Purple rain"

DIY Des draps personnalisés à partir de feuilles et d'encre #pillows #stamps #diy #inspiration #deco #tendance #pepperbutter

Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall? DIY - My DIY Tips Why not try a modern-looking, monochrome leaf motif that will look fresh long past fall?

DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier Tutorial | DIY Tag

I know many of us probably have a light just like the before-look. Replacing it with a fancy new chandelier could easily cost hundreds of dollars. Alison at Pig

Keltainen talo rannalla: Boheemeja sisustuksia

Boho LRebecca Williams, owner of Naughty Shorts and stylist at Sugarshack Styling Co. in Dunsborough, Western Australia. Kitschy, vintage mix of both a and The house is painted blush.

tuto diy boules en papier paper

♡ tuto des boules en papier ♡ - Le bonheur est aussi dans la Créativité

DIY Lampe nuage                                                                                                                                                      Plus

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. DIY Lampe nuage Plus

I've actually made these ! Easy and so sweet!

Beautiful mini chandeliers for the party. I'd use faux flowers with hot pink and stick some Minnie Mouse ears on that EASY CHANDELIER


Use flowing linens, blue accents, + seashell accessories transform your space into swoon-worthy oasis.

Wind chimes made from natural materials

winter collections chime : Wind chimes made from natural materials — inspiration for an open-ended craft project

This lamp was born out of a bunch of parts that I had lying around the workshop. However, you should be able to find most of these parts on eBay or your local junk store. If not, then you’ll probably need to improvise a little.

Industrial Bottle Lamp

Change to industrial switch instead of gold light socket and use cool liquor bottle instead, but this is pretty awesome.

Couronne de moderne Kit de bricolage Kit de bricolage pour faire votre propre Couronne moderne dans le métal de votre choix, avec conservé branches des eucalyptus. Couronne métal moderne minimaliste de sans effort. Branches peuvent aller tout le chemin autour, uniquement sur le fond

Modern Wreath | Eucalyptus Wreath | Scandinavian Wreath | Minimalist Wreath | DIY Spring Wreath | Christmas Holiday Wreath | DIY Kit

Could be awesome for a certain nephew of mine, should he be interested in star gazing? Also could be fantastic if done with the Sun Sign constellations..

How-To Zodiac Constellation Wall Art--Brighten up your kid's room while teaching an astronomony lesson with this illuminated craft from TV crafter Jim “Figgy” Noonan, as seen on "The Martha Stewart Show.

Heure de l'aventure des paquets de princesse affiche par ArteRKL

Adventure Time, Lumpy Space Princess, Neon Print, Printable, Poster, Room Decor, Cartoons, Gift for Kids, Teens, Wall, INSTANT DOWNLOAD

There are 2 tips to buy this home accessory: lights adventure time lumpy space princess lsp neon light kids room purple.