a tester pour l'Apéro

KAH says: il y a pas de recette, mais c'est simple. No recipe, but looks like canned breadstick dough, topped with prosciutto, twisted and brushed with oil or butter.

Super idée pour l'apéro ★

Ham & Cheese Pretzel Bites I made these last night.they were a lot of work but super yummy and both kids liked them. I cut the amount of cheese in half and substituted ground turkey for the ham and they tasked like philly cheesesteak stuffed pretzels

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Tartines apéro, fromage frais, aubergine, tomate séchée, saucisson. C'est parti pour l'apéro !

(food) The tapas bites are two different goat cheese creams on a very good oily bread topped with long time baked tomatoes, and eggplants and a luxurious sausage with walnuts.

Apéro dinatoire light maison :

Apéro dinatoire light maison

Health Tip: A loaded plate of fresh colors, red cherry tomatoes, green celery or orange carrots all packed with anti-oxidants. a great way to keep you healthy and lose those extra kilos without starving yourself.

8 idées simples et originales pour faire sensation à l'apéro !

On veut que le swag soit avec vous pendant vos apéros, et que vos amis vous…

Papilles on/off: Brioche étoilée au nutella au thermomix ou en MAP

Papilles On/Off: Brioche étoilée au nutella au thermomix ou en MAP


paris brest au Thermomix j'ai pas de Thermomix , mais un PB s'est succulent à…