Jean-Claude Dumas

Jean-Claude Dumas

Jean-Claude Dumas
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Aventura is a free font inspired to nature and camping life. Designed by Jimmy Kalman.


Welcome to Free Font Friday! This week's typeface is Langdon by Steven Bronner from Stirling, United Kingdom.


Sk-Modernist is a minimalist and clean typeface which eschews complicated forms. The aim of the typeface was to create an amalgamation of a modern Grotesk, like Helvetica, with a simpler geometric style, like Avant GardeSk-Modernist has been designed sp…


The free fonts collected here are designed using the geometric shapes. Their smooth clean lines create a sense of completeness in design.


Best Free Bold Fonts for Big Headings

Somatic Display Boards

Somatic Typeface free demo is coming for you today. Every decade of design contains key stylistic hallmarks. For Lauren Lee, a clear hallmark

Humanscope Behnace

Humanscope Behnace