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Bah.. un RantBook ^^' #aléatoire Aléatoire #amreading #books #wattpad

Roleplayer: Breyanna Lenox Name: Avanna Age: 16 Position: Head Stratigist Strengths: Smart, Cunning, Mature Weaknesses: Shy, Unsociable Relationship Status: None Background: She Grew Up Unwanted And Parentless In A Shelter, But Very Strong About Learning.

Assuka squaylayte (perso2) Age : 16ans  Taille: 1m70  Poid: 50kg  Gs: Ab  oc :hetero  Situation: en couple Caractère : est gentille eh mignone

anco aqua eyes artist name bangs belly peek black serafuku clenched hands coat commentary request cowboy shot fur-trimmed coat fur trim headphones long hair long sleeves looking at viewer neck ribbon original parted lips pleated skirt red r

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“abaslev: blush brown eyes brown hair earrings jewelry light smile lowres momoko (momopoco) necklace solo star twintails ” I think it kinda looks like me if Ibwas an anime character!

Dessin de fille avec lunette

This is Tora and she is She is really shy and sweet girl. But deep down inside of her there is something that she's been hiding forever and she can't live with it. No one knows that she is so afraid of something.