Calendar Wheel et Bullet Journal : Idées et inspirations

Calendar Wheel & Inspirations - bullet journal

bujo C S.bujo (via ・・・ My finished birthday tracker! It turned out super cute :heart_eyes: . (I've cropped out the actual birthdays to protect everyone's p

Bullet Journal français, les meilleures sources d'inspiration pour un BuJo en français. 4 françaises qui font du Bullet Journal.

Cute bullet journal doodles for recording the weather! Maybe I could do this in Finnish?

illluminatedknowledge: Oct 14th | 9:26 AM || These are the banners that I use the most and I thought it might be helpful for some of you ☺️ so here’s how I draw them. Sincerely yours, Tessa

Love to draw banners like these. They are so cute you should defo try drawing some