3 affiches superhéros avec citation pour décoration par alexiableu

3 posters with superman iron man spiderman humour by alexiableu

Kids super hero pictures:)

How To Throw The Most Awesome Superhero Party Ever

Tips for a DIY superhero photo booth. What a fun idea for a children's party! Perhaps next year Czarina will get her super hero party she's been wanting.

Fêtes d’enfants: 10 jeux originaux! | Activités et loisirs des enfants | Yoopa.ca

Laser Beam Challenge - Set up a laser obstacle course in a hallway with crepe paper. The crepe paper will tear if the kids bump into it, letting them know they weren't able to get through the course. For added fun, do this in the dark with glow sticks!

Des bracelets de super-héros

Des bracelets de super-héros

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Ces 11 gamins déguisés en super-héros vont vous faire fondre de bonheur !

Browning this would be so cute for the girls! Batman and Robin costume for girls So cute can't wait till Halloween! Journie is going to be robin for Halloween so cute! Axel batman hunter the joker