Woodours is a story of ....

Dady and Baby bear story, The Woodours (from the French, literally "Wood-Bear") collection tells the story of a Papa and Baby Bear. Papa is strong as an oak tree, but a gentle soul. Woodours combines the best of teddy-bear cuddliness with a modern flair. Also activity toys with crinkle paper, squeaker, bell, teether and many other activities for baby ...
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Woodours et Tizours, un papa ours avec son petit, toujours prêts à vivre des aventures ensemble et les partager avec Bébé

Woodours Daddy and Baby Bear Interactive Playset

Antoine & Woodours

Antoine & Woodours

More Woodours Bears...Anderson has the one on the top right

More Woodours Bears.Anderson has the one on the top right

Hannah with Woodours

Hannah with Woodours

Woodours Play Mat

Another great find on Woodours Play Mat & Gym by Geared For Imagination

Woodours Musical Fishing Bear

Buy Woodours Musical Lullaby Bear - Go off to the fishing hole with the Woodours Musical Lullaby Bear! Pull the fish on baby bear's line and hear a soothing lullaby as Baby Bear reels in his catch.

Sac à goûter Woodours, vive l'école !

Awwww this is just like Luna's wolf backpack!

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