géométrique, pois, ronds

Painted Dotties

Painted Dotties by Jessica Bruggink. I like the randomness imperfect dots/circles in pink and orange. Plus the circles with the black patterns finish off the design very nicely.

The Print-Focused Textiles of Cassie Byrnes

The Print-Focused Textiles of Cassie Byrnes


idea: using polka dots paper cuttings big circles of colour against smaller dots. use scale and colour

Sous mon parasol - atelier bingo.

Hanging Paintings By Tadao Cern

Bingo Atelier print Atelier Bingo is Max & Adèle. Each print has many layers and can be seen as a dialogue between the artists. Constantly experimenting with shapes, textures, and colors they create screenprints as well as digital prints

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