The E.COUDRAY range

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The Body oils E.COUDRAY
A vintage bathroom, full of lovely E.COUDRAY pots (Body cream, 30 ml)

Maison Esprit Boudoir

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Little Foaming cream pots E.COUDRAY at Maison Favart, Paris
An E.COUDRAY Bath time at Maison Favart, Paris
E.COUDRAY fragrances at Maison Favart, Paris

Maison Favart

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Body cream tubes, E.COUDRAY
Body Cream pots, E.COUDRAY
Body cream tubes (125 ml), E.COUDRAY

Milly la Forêt

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The E.COUDRAY range
The "Roll-on and Spray" E.COUDRAY
The Body cream "Collection box", E.COUDRAY


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a white hat, pink flowers and a bottle of perfume on top of a table
the contents of a personal care product displayed on a white surface with pink ribbon and flowers
a tray with candles, flowers and other items sitting on top of a bathtub
a table topped with lots of bottles filled with red and pink flowers next to candles
the contents of an assortment of beauty products are displayed on a table with pink flowers
a person holding a glass with flowers in it next to some personal care products and a bag
an assortment of personal care items laid out on a marble counter top with red ribbon
pink roses and perfume bottles sitting on a table next to a vase with flowers in it
a white bag with pink ribbon and some flowers on a table next to other items
an assortment of personal care products displayed on white furnishing with pink roses in the background
a table topped with candles and an apple next to a box filled with gold containers
a pink candle sitting on top of a table next to a box and some flowers
Trainers, Wedding, Sneakers, Wedding Sneaker, Wedding Shoe
the contents of a perfume and its packaging are laid out on a white fur rug