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a hand holding two pieces of french fries in front of a red background with mcdonald's logo
Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #166
Les 10 prints les plus brillants et créatifs du lundi ! #166 - Dans Ta Pub
three fireworks on a red background with mcdonald's logo in the foreground and text celebrating canes creative market of the year
Ads of the World™
Love seeing things I would have never thought of, brilliant. Leo Burnett / McDonald's: Fryworks
there's a sign in the sky that says, this is the road
How do best brand design agencies use the blue colour
Blue colours communicate peace and tranquility. Blue is one of the best colours to reduce stress by creating a sense of calmness and order. ➤ | #advertising #creative #blue #colour
a world map is shown with two people standing in the window and one person holding a cell phone
25 pubblicità per allenare il cervello (FOTO)
25 pubblicità geniali per allenare il cervello (FOTO)
a cup of coffee with the words black - blazz written on it in white
Deceptively Empowered Coffee Ads
#ad #print
a bottle with a hose attached to it and the caption beware the heat
Start A Fire
Tabasco graphic. The sauce looks like an extinguisher to showcase how hot the sauce is.
two drawings of women riding bicycles in different positions, with one woman's legs bent over the bike
Story | An award-winning creative and digital communications agency
"Legs", Chapter Advertising for "Rollasole"
bad advertisement examples - Google 搜尋 Graphics, Graphic Design, Graphic
bad advertisement examples
bad advertisement examples - Google 搜尋
a can of coca cola with the word'new long can'written on it
レバノン コカ・コーラの洒落た広告 キリンのように長いロング缶 | PR EDGE
This looks vectored to me because of the lack of shadows around and under the can. Also it looks to clean and smooth to be real. Cute idea though!
a red poster with an alarm clock and coffee in the shape of a human face
Nescafe: Clock
#Nescafe: Clock
an image of different types of animals in the same line, including giraffes and
Sina Visitor System
Faber-Castell “True Colours” Camapgne publicitaire simple et efficace. 1 visuel + Le logo et le tour est joué
a large advertisement on the side of a building with yellow tape around it's corner
15 pubblicità creative che usano oggetti di enormi dimensioni
#creativity #wowADV #unconventionalmarketing 16large-scale-objects-penline
an advertisement for mercedes benz showing the service can be dangerous
Mercedes-Benz service
Mercedes-Benz service on Behance
Volkswagen, Porsche, I Got A Car, Corvette, Car, Autos, Automobile, Car Ads
a person walking across a cross walk in the rain
Pubblicità creativa: 8 esempi di advertising efficace
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