This is basically what we do in marching band.

Because War Can Be Boring Sometimes

Some may rag on them for these silly moments, but what better way to detoxify yourself than a bit of harmless fun?

Viral pictures of the day: I've never felt this satisfied before

I've never felt this satisfied before - it's so beautiful it literally hurts.<<For these OCD people

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Je dois souffrir d'un TOC!

I'm not even OCD and they bother me. 13 Photos that will freak out every OCD person - These WILL make your brain cry

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Et c'est pourquoi les femmes vivent plus longtemps que les hommes ... - GiantGag

This is why women live longer than men. Some of those really scared me though.

I wonder if it tasted like pee or poop

Post with 8681 votes and 3231147 views. Shared by ShadowBun. Cute daughter bring drinking water to her dad