Patio, véranda des hauteurs, vue sur jardin et puis de lumière verte

Old Caviar Warehouse Converted into a Sensational NYC Loft

Architecture - Loft - Old Caviar Warehouse Converted into a Sensational NYC Loft - Garden space dropped down into the living Space.

Pourquoi pas derrière notre sofa?

Better with foldable desk. couch with bar attach behind it. so great for a man cave or basement family room.

hamac interieur


"This loft features a desk/work area with leisure in mind by means of the hammock. The high ceiling allows room to incorporate this loft leaving the main floor with extra space for living.

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"You can't be aware of everything. You'd fall down the stairs if you were aware of every intricate thing involved in going down stairs" - ALAN ALDA - (Clever wire stairs

Des idées pour des escaliers design même dans les petits espaces. Retrouvez l'intégralité de nos biens en vente sur : #immobilier_sanary #immobilierdeluxe

13 Stair Design Ideas For Small Spaces // A ribbon staircase is a great idea for a small space because it's more vertical than a traditional staircase, it still has wide treads, and it creates a unique focal point in your home.

Small Garden House in Chatou, Paris -  Small Spaces Addiction

Chatouis a garden pavilion where the furniture forms the entire interior. Arranged on four split levels, the building is intended for a teenager to live within the garden of the family home.

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