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a white marble floor in a room with grey walls and shelves on either side of the wall
Un sol effet marbre pour ambiance chic | Leroy Merlin
a small house sitting on top of a lake surrounded by trees in the middle of a forest
Luxury Homes Dream Houses Mansions
a boat is sitting in the water next to a small cabin on a lake with trees around it
We are excited to announce that @thebackcountryhutcompany will provide this year's design concept house feature, Great Lakes Cabin, designed by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design with landscape installation design by #FlatteryDesign. In line with #IDS19's "Power of Design" theme, this full-scale concept house enables visitors to enter and experience a new "kit-of-parts" approach to the creation of small-scale structures. Rendering by #IDSToronto #leckiestudio
the instagram page shows an image of a house in the woods with trees and grass
H3 House by Luciano Kruk - MyHouseIdea
H3 House by Luciano Kruk - MyHouseIdea