adorable cocoon.

cozy bunting bag to protect baby from drafts.Pattern in French. Or maybe make this from an old scarf? I wish I could knit.

coudre une fermeture sans prise de tête ?

Zippered Clutch Tutorial - PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS - Over this winter break I decided I wanted to try writing a tutorial. This tutorial has definitely been done before, but I hope my version will help ma

Richard Saja - embroidery over toile prints

Textile artist, Richard Saja, does magical embroidery over old toile prints." What a fantastic idea!

Balançoire pour enfants

Wonderful DIY Hammock Type Baby Swing

What kid doesn’t love a swing? A baby swings not only provides a gentle rocking motion to soothe and comfort baby , but also give moms hands-free time . A few years ago, I often used a baby swing to rock my baby to sleep , get rest and peace …

SFR Mail

How to make cute block zipper pouch handbag. DIY photo tutorial and template pattern. Golden Glove Products Pretty nice, you would be love.

Apprenez à vous faire sac à lunch, aimer les chaussures avec un repas apprendre à le faire ~

Cute bag, almost the right size for a scripture tote. Teach you to make lunch bag, shoes love with rice learn to do it ~

Sew your own perfect padded purse handles

Sew your own perfect padded purse handles

how to make your own padded bag straps or handles. The rounded ends on these are nicely finished, just perfect for sewing onto your favorite bag. One of teh best bag handles sewing tutorials.

Mermaid Tail Blanket Bag

Mermaid Tail Blanket Bag (making weighed blankets, this would be perfect for a little girl with sensory issues)