DIY - Downton Abbey inspired lace shirt

DIY - Haut Dentelle "Downton Abbey"

DIY - Downton Abbey inspired lace shirt-------------- what a great idea - so easy to do. Reminds me of back in the day when they had lace collars that they could remove easily to dress up or down outfits.

Upcycled men's shirts into women's


Modèles intéressants et des modèles simples - 3 (tuniques et robes) - Couture - Femme du monde

мне нравиться


Needlecraft Practical Journal - Danish "Hedebo" Embroidery~ The smaller the needle and quality of thread, the nicer the work. Quality of materials is important in sewing, knitting and lace making.

easier than wood to cut Техника изготовления кирпичной кладки из бумажной коробки

Faux brick walls or chimney - detailed tutorial - dollhouse miniature

DIY | Une mini table d'appoint pour le salon sur @decocrush -


While the link is in German, thus cute little DIY couch side table is pretty self explanatory! s i n n e n r a u s c h: Simpler DIY Beistelltisch + Gewinner der Stelton Verlosung

Twin-Set Simona Barbieri Jean Collection Spring/Summer 2014 Unique Style Inspiration Womens Apparel #UNIQUE_WOMENS_FASHION

Denim and jeans / karen cox. Pink lace Twin-Set sweater and embellished denim jeans Simona Barbieri Jean Collection Spring/Summer 2014

Si cette image vous inspire, nous avons une gamme complète d'articles de mercerie pour la réaliser. . LA BELLE LUTETIA - mercerie discount en ligne, Paris

If you are a diy lover and you have free time than we have today some very creative suggestion that you can make it by yourself.

Comment s habiller tenue chic et classe femme élégante habillé

Tenue chic femme - les meilleures 60 idées! -

If you want to wear a simple outfit never forget the pop of color it will dress you up !

Diy Woven Wall Hanging


We really want this in our Craft Happy homes! Make your own Diy Woven Wall Hanging // Click through for full tutorial

Marrakech Morocco - Jardin Majorelle - il n'y a pas que le bleu dans la vie!!! rose/jaune/vert

Jacques Majorelle, The Majorelle Gardens vibrant colours -cobalt blue walls, and vibrant yellows, oranges, and red potted plants

Laiali Safa: Customização de roupas para dias frios

Vintage Jean Jacket embellished with pearls and lace to create a nostalgic style. Single breasted with three quarter sleeves accented with lace and beading.