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Ford Focus Electric

Earlier car enthusiasts were in splits about the news of a Ford Fiesta in a NASCAR race; it seemed an odd choice to one and all. Now, Ford has stumped all by announcing it will be making it to NASCAR with its Focus Electric.

Citroen - C Zero Electrique 2011

Citroen C-Zero Hatch Auto contract hire and leasing deals. See our website for our competitive offers

BMW i3

2012 BMW Concept Coupe - small environmentally friendly tech excellence merging in and out, and one that is basically just revealed this week. As we talked about just yesterday, this machine brings the inter-car communication system

BMW-i8 Spyder

BMW’s previous conflicted messages surrounding a potential convertible appear to be settled, with an roadster based on the coupe apparently given a green light. The new roadster w…

Renault zoé

S: Do they have electrical cars in the PH? It almost sounds funny to even ask it.We ended up in a discussion about electronic cars yesterday. By lack of conversation material we covered all the geek topics - sigh - during dinner with colleagues.