Have patience.

Just keep going! No diet that claims you will lose that much weight/size in such a short amount of time is worth your time. It takes hard work and patience, and there will be "mistakes" but we learn from them and keep going. It WILL BE worth it.

" Si mon absence ne change rien à ta vie, c'est que ma présence n'avait aucune…

bien dit ! .......tiens ça me fait penser à quelqu’un !

Si des gens essayent de vous tirer vers le bas...

le problème de certaines mentalités trop fermées, c'est qu'elles sont souvent accompagnees le bouches trop ouvertes = some of the problems with too closed mentalities, is that they are often accompanied by too much outspokenness


I'm not perfect but i'm limited edition - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images


I'm going to ignore you so much that you'll end up doubting about your own existence ❤ ℒℴvℯly

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