It would make sense that Pottermore placed me in Hufflepuff if we're looking at this as dogs. My little pug would be so proud. Of course, what would my cocker spaniel say?

Take Five: Cool Dog Stuff

Haha, Slytherin Pinscher and Hufflepug are my favorites. Not sure I'd give Gryffindor a corgi, but I can see the Spaniel being a Ravenclaw.

Poudlard en Lego

Massive and amazing (and built without instructions) LEGO Hogwarts!

Ça se fait trop pas

Nagini a bouffé le respect, c'est sa faute aussi!

Snape of you. I can't breathe

I'm in love with the Snape of you. We push an pull like a wizarding duel. <<< although my wand has fallen too, I'm in love with your Lily. (I JUST MADE MYSELF CRY) (Favorite Meme Laughing)