Write your name in Chinese characters

Calligraphy Alphabet : chinese alphabet letters these are representations of the English alphabet, not actually Chinese Characters that are actually used.

I used to make these out of old Christmas cards when a child. Great recycling, and very Christmassy! :) Lantern Craft Project - Bing Images

Chinese Paper Lanterns

How to Make Paper Lanterns - I was surprised to see these are still being made; they were a regular craft when I was in elementary school in the It's good to know there is something I can be proficient in when doing crafts with my grandchildren.


hats for Chinese New Year. --- if your troop is representing an historically Chinese country (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc), make sure these are appropriate for that country. Not everything is the same in each country.

Imagier de l'Asie : 60 fiches à imprimer

L'imagier pour travailler sur le thème de l'Asie : Chine, Japon et Thaïlande