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a blue and brown bird sitting on top of a cement slab with grass in the background
a blue bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Eastern Bluebird - Dodge Rock
two birds standing next to each other on a tree branch
Scarlet Ibis, a beautiful bird from South America and islands of the Caribbean
a large white bird flying over a body of water
Ce que j'aime...
Take fligh
a colorful bird perched on top of a tree branch
Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans). A parrot native to eastern Australia.
a red and blue bird sitting on top of a white fence
This parrot is a Australian Rosella. I cant see the front markings and colours to see what its other names are. They come in flocks to get a good feed at my house, easily trained they return if you feed them for several days.
a white bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Great Egret
a large white bird standing on top of a rock
Tips for Successful Birding
Great Egret in breeding plumage posted in The Beautiful Great Egret via…
a white egret standing on a log in the water
Close Encounter with an Egret
Saw both snowy egrets and lesser egrets by the lake yesterday…
a small blue bird sitting on top of a green branch
Crush Cul de Sac
Crush Cul de Sac
a white and red bird sitting on top of a tree branch
Bird story
Araripe Manakin ~ This Critically Endangered species is down to about 50 birds and is threatened by habitat destruction
a peacock sitting on top of a tree branch
what a beauty!
two elephants walking down a dirt road with the words happy dance on it's side
Elephants of South Africa - heather liebler PHOTOGRAPHY
Baby elephant dance
a brown horse with blonde hair running in an enclosed area
If heaven don't have horses, I ain't going.
Gorgeous horse in motion.