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Medias influence on society essays on education Media Influence on Society Introduction In the last 50 years the media influence has grown exponentially with the advance of technology, first there was

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Parfois, il faut connaitre la tristesse pour connaître le bonheur, entendre le bruit pour apprécier le silence et vivre l’absence pour valoriser la présence. | Saviez Vous Que?

Sometimes, one must know sadness to know happiness, hear sound to appreciate…

Apprendre à s'entreprendre commence par la confiance en ses propres capacités.

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If you are feeling to small to change the world, try to share your room with a mosquito. See which one will prevents the other from sleep.

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"What a mistake it is for a woman to wait for a man to build the world that she wants; instead of creating it herself.

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As a desire, from far away. (As noted by a commenter below, incorrect translation by original pinner)

J'ai mal dit le coeur, mais tu vas oublier dit le temps mais je vais toujours revenir dis la mémoire

The heart says :"am hurting",time replies:" you will get better with me", then finally the mind:" but I will always come back with memories"

Les maux du corps sont les mots de l'âme .. guérir l'âme c'est guérir le corps.

Therefore we cannot heal the body without also seeking to heal the soul* Plato