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Elisa M. Coppellotti
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Harry Potter

Harry Potter HP Potterheads Potterheads Draco Malfoy Hermione granger Ron weasley voldemort dumbledore Hogwarts diagonal alley movie ending shoulda been different I am so dissapointed that this isn't in the movie


"Try not to let the fact that my father tried to kill you several times affect your decision"<<of course the moment Draco, asked Harry knew he was going to say yes because this was important to Draco. Harry never could say no to the little ferret anyway.

Twitter Drarry 2

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes! Singing hey oh, I love Dracoooo! We should celebrate our love tonight! yea we rock the bed! Harry got pregnant!

OMG Drarry!

OMG Drarry, a really disturbing person created this ship. Non drarry shippers are the true villains.

What is Drarry?

Its simple really. Haven't you heard? --- Thank you so much for all the commenting and favourites, as you can probably see I can't reply and thank you all individually like.