Mother (1985) Photographic collage

David Hockney, Mother: another manipulated-photo work of art.and the angles of the separate pieces of the collage

Noya & Bill Brandt with Self-Portrait (although they were watching) This Picture Being Made (1982) Polaroid composite

each picture is a glance of a moment. --- Noya and Bill Brandt with Self Portrait (Although They Were Watching This Picture Being Made), by David Hockney, 1982

California (1966) Acrylic on canvas

David Hockney “California Copied from 1965 Painting in

Robert Littman Floating in My Pool Oct. 1982 (1982) Photographic collage

David HOCKNEY : Robert Littman Floating in My Pool, Oct. 1982 photographic collage 22 x 30 in.