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Where was this kind of kickass fandom when they were still a team? The defunct Atlanta Thrashers, rendered by epoole88. Check out his work at epoole88.tumblr.com

The National Hockey League (NHL) pits 30 teams who play against each other throughout the regular season in North America with the goal of earning a playoff

BarDown: NHL Cartoon Mascots: Pacific Division

Our good friend (Eric Poole) is getting ready for the upcoming season with cartoon renderings of each team. This is the Calgary Flames.

BarDown: NHL Cartoon Mascots: Atlantic Division

The Tampa Bay Lightning receive the weakest of Eric Poole's mighty artistic powers. I blame Jamie Foxx. He ruins everything.

Lord a'mighty, how I miss Brass Bonanza. The Hartford Whalers, R.I.P., as rendered by Eric Poole. Check out more of his work at http://epoole88.tumblr.com

BarDown: NHL Cartoon Mascots: Hartford Whalers: A large whale with a hockey stick & wore an old school jersey .


I was browsing through my hockey board and I decided I should pin this one. The reason I didn't pin this one was because the islanders moved to Brooklyn and I didn't want the Long Island whaler theme.

Damned if I don't LOVE this. The Columbus Blue Jackets, brought to life by Eric Poole. Check out more of his work at epoole88.tumblr.com

In the National Hockey League expanded and the Columbus Blue Jackets began. Having grown up in Columbus I took to them immediately. They have had few good seasons but they are still strongly supported by their fans and their city.

BarDown: NHL cartoon mascots: metropolitan division

New Jersey Devils - A screaming red devil with a hockey stick with a trident on one side.

2013-14 NHL Realignment Map

NHL realignment, in one handy graphic. Rules are meant to be broken, I live in division C and root for division A.