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3D and Animation Tutorials – Displacement, Deformation, Modeling, Texturing and Rendering

In today& tutorial, new Cgtuts+ author Mario Brajdic will introduce you to working with displacement and deformers in Cinema and show you how this powerful combination can be used in.

DESIGN >>> Lampe Nissyoku par igendesign - Journal du Design

Lamp Swingy Magnative by IGEN Design- I thought this was a cool idea which is different and unlike anything I've seen yet. Which what I love about design there's always a different to approach different things and come up with something spectacular.

Blob Mesh on Behance

Blob Mesh - Ismael Mensa project designed to create moving shapes and geometries. The idea of representing a realistic architectural area with a geometry with an unreal movement is to create a contrast between the back and the animated volume…