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30 Creative DIY Ways To Show Off Your Plants

Topsy-Turvy Planter & Birdfeeder: very cute and inexpensive. Could forget bird feeder and plant herbs

ღღღ  Pleached trees. When young & flexible saplings are woven together & tied & eventually they grow together into one.

Pleached Trees::When young and flexible, saplings are woven together and tied and will eventually grow together into one.

guide des fleurs infographie

Découvrez l'infographie pour être incollable sur les fleurs à l'approche de votre

Arbres Nuage japonais - Bonsai Geant Juniperus virg. 'Glauca' Acheter Vos Arbres chez le spécialiste du Jardin Zen français . ART Garden www.art-garden.fr

We could have a Niwaki Ilex crenate for the focal point in the raised brick bed.

Tunnel de bambou

A willow alley created by Robert Miller in Altamont Gardens, Ireland photographed by James Burke

Trees made of rebar filled with bougainvillea in  the Central Garden at the Getty Center

How Western artists do gardening

A Westerner who isn’t a gardener created a Western garden. That’s the short version behind these awe-inspiring “trees” made from rebar and filled with bougainvillea in the Central Garden at L.’s Getty Center.

Se promener tranquillement dans son jardin est d'autant plus facile lorsque l'on a une allée de jardin et surtout si celle-ci est pleine de style.  L'allée de jardin est un aménagement que l'on essayera de mettre en accord avec le reste de son jardin. Découvrez les principaux styles que l'on trouve !

Nos inspirations pour une allée de jardin pleine de style

Décoration de table: quel centre de table choisir? | BricoBistro

Décoration de table: quel centre de table choisir?

simple and lovely. Love the tulip display and easy enough to duplicate for Easter dinner table! I actually did tulip vases like these and placed them on charger for inexpensive wedding centerpieces!