I like how this photo was edited to look like the lady is looking through a wall.look closely, it also appears as if the three triangles are shards of glass with her image broken up.

design graphique

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Digital Art Computer generated processing art posters by artist and motion designer JR Schmidt. More Images on WE AND THE COLOR

Entre flat design, risographie, minimalisme et abstraction suisse, de quoi l’année sera faite ?

Les 10 tendances graphiques pour 2016

Expositions - Une Saison Graphique - Les Graphiquants

Poster by Les graphiquants. In We Were Invited to exhibit at the High School of Art and Design of Le Havre. The exhibition present the fonts That Have Been Drawn .

Kevin Contreras Amoretti, Vitrales sur Behance

Red lips graphics, graphic design, VITRALES by Kevin Contreras Amoretti, via Behance

African Weekly Inspiration:Bovine Series, Aldo Pulella

Personal Works / Aldo Pulella

overthinking - very true

just go with the gut- over thinking + past baggage = mind explosion. know truth - live love