awesome cellulose lamps...paper mache?

ett la benn, Kami pots and lights at the exhibition Poetry Happens Ventura Lambrate, Milan in April 2011

Lampe à suspension papier pulpe  Jupiter  papier par CreaReDesign

Paper pulp lamp refers with its shape and color to one of the planets of the solar system – Jupiter. Lamp dominates with its size over the rest of the paper pulp lamps, as well as Jupiter - the largest planet in the solar system

paper or ceramics?

paper or ceramics?

paperpulp_vases / Debbie Wijskamp / faire sa pâte à papier "Plumetis magazine"

Vases, right. But this set vases is made from paperpulp, designed by Debbie Wijskamp for Serax ( more colours on her website )


milan 'parupu' paper pulp chairs by claesson koivisto rune for södra cell at superstudio piu.

Egg of Columbus pendant lights by Valentina Carretta for Seletti. Made out of the same stuff as egg boxes.

Seletti Egg of Columbus Hanglamp - 35 cm - 101 Woonideeën online webwinkel