rotary phone

Good old rotary phone - with a really long cord so you could walk around the house and talk at the same time,hung on the kitchen wall.We had this very phone growing up

Meuble #vintage - fauteuil téléphone | Mustard Vintage

Vintage Teak 1960s Telephone Seat

Vintage style fridges

I guess these are technically appliances rather than furniture, but whatever. Vintage-style fridges in delicious colors! I didn't know you could have non-ugly fridges.

Love this vintage feel!

Vintage wallpaper coupled with gorgeous old typewriter and salon style hung art make for an office or workspace worthy of any writer! A Place to Call Home,For the Home,Home glamour,Home Inspira

just a tree

Drive Thru Tree, Sequoia National Forest, California. omg, when i was a little girl; we drove through the drive thru tree in a volkswagon van too.

I had one!

good ol' tape recorder I had this same one! When I was a kid our toys were not bright colored as you can see.

that's my van!

Peugeot's now rare van is a stone cold classic of vanlife. How then have we missed such a perfectly proportioned, corrugated beauty?