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two bees are sitting in a box with honey combs on it and one is open
Honey bees in their hive, made from recycled book pages, map and matchbox labels. Made by artist Kate Kato.
two metal cow sculptures sitting on top of a cement ground with rusted iron bars
WilhelmsArt (Cattle made from river rock, railroad spikes, railroad track, steel wire, and nuts)
a green platter filled with cheese, crackers and grapes
How to Flatten Wine Bottles | Hunker
Flattened wine bottles can be used as personalized wall art, elegant serving trays and also make a unique gift for friends or family.
This article will teach you the tools you need and steps you'll take to create a simple "v" shaped wooden magazine rack. Woodworking Projects, Diy Furniture, Wooden Magazine Rack, Diy Rack, Diy Woodworking, Diy Furniture Easy, Wood Working For Beginners, Wooden Diy
How to Install 2x4 Spacers Between Studs | Homesteady
This article will teach you the tools you need and steps you'll take to create a simple "v" shaped wooden magazine rack.
a house shaped mirror mounted to the side of a wall next to a potted plant
Une lampe étagère murale maison DIY | Shake My Blog
diy lampe maison murale
some green apples sitting on a table next to a basket and two blue cloths
DIY recycled denim basket
DIY, home decor, recycling, sewing, jewelry making, a lot of awesome tutorials to get inspired by.
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a white cloth covered tablecloth with holes in the middle
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dragonfly made with a zipper
some eggs are sitting in white buckets and one is jumping into an egg holder
WABI SABI Scandinavia - Design, Art and DIY.
Wabi Sabi Art + Design from a Scandinavian perspective Natural elegance Scandinavian modern Harmonious style Creative spaces Clever DIY Tutorial
green dishes are stacked on wooden sleds
Repurpose: Hang on to your Wood Hangers!
Wood Hanger Dish rack/drain
a brick wall with a painting of a man's face on it
I do keep my promises....eventually.... STENCIL TUTORIAL
Way back in March , I promised that I would blog a step by step showing how to make a custom portrait stencil.... and at last, here it is...
closeup of woven material with blue and yellow strips on it's side, against a light blue background
Woven Flower Pot- Part 2
Today I finished my woven pot project. I haven't done much weaving but it was kind of relaxing once I got into a groove. (It was the perfec...
a living room with a chair, table and books on top of the coffee table
Make It Modern: DIY Minimal Leather Stool Cover
An easy DIY for anyone: learn how to make a modern leather stool cover with copper cording detail with simple tools in less than 10 easy steps.
the diy light box is open and ready to be used as a snack bowl
DIY Photo Light Box - a finish fifty project
Did you ever wonder how people get those beautiful endless finishes in their photos? White and bright shots of their products? This is how (or, at least it is an inexpensive diy substitute). By taking photos inside a box that diffuses natural light from all sides, you can remove shadows and give a white, magazine-like READ MORE
a drawing of a man's face is on the side of a building door
Wire Sculpture
Thirst | Wire Sculpture | Gavin Worth
a little boy standing next to a cardboard house
play house out of cardboard