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several wine barrels lined up in a row
Barrels collection !
When you visit wine estates in Burgundy you can learn more about the making process of the wines you are going to taste.
several wooden barrels lined up in a wine cellar
Barrels of red Burgundy wine
When you visit Burgundy and you want to go into a wine estate, you are able to visit the cellars where the wine is aging into the barrels.
the words best things to do in beaune, france on top of an old building
Top Things To Do In Beaune, France ⋆ Expert World Travel
a painting with the words, my best places to go in burgundy
My best places to go in Burgundy
If you stay in Dijon, you should visit the tower Philippe Lebon. It is a site full of history. After climbing 300 steps, you will discover the roofs of Dijon. A beautifull site and moment !
a glass of wine sitting on top of an open book in the middle of grass
Visit Burgundy accross a book and a wine tasting :)
wine is not only a glass of alcohol. It is also a glass of several aromas and sensations. Reading makes you mind dreaming and wine is giving you some sensations. A very nice paring !
an old building with the words best tips for dijon in france
Visiting Delightful Dijon in Burgundy, France
Soak up the atmosphere and the wine of this charming small French town. Visit Dijon, a beautiful little town in Burgundy, France Things to do in France | France Travel Guides | France travel destinations | places to see in France | Getting around France | Bourgogne travel | France travel tips | Burgundy travel ideas | What to do in Dijon | Things to do | Where to stay in Dijon | Amazing places in France | #france #europe #travel
a bottle of wine and cheese on a plate
🍷 L’accord du jour en atelier fromages et vins 🍇
Aujourd’hui on accorde ce vin de l’appellation Saint-Romain, millésime 2019 ! 🧀 avec lequel de ces fromages l’accorder ? 🍷 Toujours avec modération ⚠️
a bottle of wine and some strawberries in a vase
Une idée cadeau pour la fête des mamans 😍
View point from Saint-Romain village into Burgundy 🤩 ☁️
an open market with lots of produce in it
À la découverte de l'Opéra de Dijon et de ses spécialités
the town square with people walking around it and some buildings in the background that have red awnings
Dijon - Légendes dans la capitale de Bourgogne - Annie Anywhere
a stone wall with a building in the background
Autumn in Burgundy - Clos de Vougeot
Into these pins, I share with you my favorite places of Burgundy. #burgundy #bourgogne
a field with many trees in it
Le printemps dans les vignes - Côte de Nuits // Spring into the wine yard !
Ici une vue de la Côte de Nuits. Son nom provient du village de Nuits-Saint-Georges. Elle commence au sud de Dijon et s’arrete avant Ladoix-Serrigny. Ensuite, c’est la Côte de Beaune. Here a view of the Côte de Nuits. Its name comes from the village of Nuits-Saint-Georges. It starts south of Dijon and stops before Ladoix-Serrigny. Then it's the Côte de Beaune.
a vineyard with rows of vines and trees in the background, under a cloudy sky
La Bourgogne - Clos de Bully - Pernand-Vergelesses
Dans cette collection, je vous partage tous mes endroits préférés à Dijon et en Bourgogne !
La Bourgogne - Fixin
La Bourgogne - Fixin
La Bourgogne - Fixin
Dans cette collection, je vous partage tous mes endroits préférés à Dijon et en Bourgogne !